Industrial soldering machine for USB cable wire

Industrial soldering machine for USB cable wire

Simple automatic Soldering Equipment with Solder Wire Feeding Device,With Pedal Control

Soldering machine uses pulse heating technology to work, so the temperature control is very accurate.
This makes hot presses often used in places where temperature is very critical.
When the hot press is working, the machine can be effectively controlled by multi-stage heating.
The temperature of the hot press can be expressed by the real-time temperature curve, which is easy to understand and greatly facilitates the operation of the operator.

Features of semi-automatic wire welding machine:
1. PLC plus touch screen design, simple operation
2. Quick soldering speed, can solder more than one welding spot
3. Strong versatility, tin time and tin amount can be adjusted, only need to change the fixture to operate different product series
4.Widely used in various USB connector, PCB board, lamp board, electronic components, switch, motor, microphone,audion, LED lamp, connector and other products welding line.


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